A simple addition makes all the difference

Multi-asset investing can help investors easily tackle and benefit from the uncertainty and complexity of today’s financial system – but not all multi-asset funds are created equal. With ever more options in today’s global marketplace, is it time to brighten up the prospects of your multi-asset portfolio?

What is AXA WF Global Optimal Income?

AXA WF Global Optimal Income is a total return fund which aims to capture global growth while mitigating economic and market unknowns

Reasons to invest

Capture global growth through long-term conviction

To help generate growth over the long term, we hold convictions at two levels:

  • Asset allocation. We combine quantitative inputs with qualitative insight from AXA IM’s multi-expert model 
  • Security selection. Our security selection is unconstrained, letting us invest in companies where we see the highest potential  

Use flexibility to navigate evolving market conditions

To capture investment ideas wherever they arise in a rigorous portfolio construction framework, we have a 0-100% equity exposure across a broad investment universe: global equities, sovereign and corporate bonds, emerging markets, G10 currencies, volatility and cash. 

Three-tiered approach to risk mitigation 

To help investors manage the unknowns inherent in today’s financial system, we use a three-tiered risk management approach:

  • Structurally, we build a well-diversified portfolio for long-term risk mitigation
  • Tactically,  we use our flexible allocation to plan for known events that may create market stress 
  • Opportunistically, we use liquid hedging strategies to prepare for unknown events and volatile market conditions


Key risks

All investment involves risk. AXA WF Global Optimal Income is invested in financial markets and uses techniques and instruments which are subject to some levels of variation, which may result in gains or losses. Risks associated with the Fund include credit risk, counterparty risk, risks associated with techniques such as derivatives, the use of leverage which may increase the effect of market movements on the Fund, geopolitical risk, and risk linked to investments in hedge funds. Investors are advised to refer to the current KIID and prospectus available on our website for a detailed description of risk considerations.



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